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   Welcome to Riders on The Storm! We need friendly, helpful people to help us grow and to grow with us. We are a T1 guild working hard on becoming T2, while striving for T3. We do ask that all members help harvest mats for building materials, as it is a huge task and we need the helping hands of you all. We, also, ask that you be an active member in our guild. Speak when addressed, even if it is to simply say ty. We want to get to know you and can only do so if you talk to us. If you do not talk to us, it will be assumed that you do not wish to be a guild member and you may find yourself without a guild. We are not not trying to be hardasses, we just want to know our guildies by more than just a name. Talk to us. Please do respond when addressed by a guild leader. Those being; Bakkam, Johanasen and Soulwretch. Even when we are on our alts.
   We do have some standards that we would like for every one to adhere to. After all, you can't have a large group of any kind without a few rules. The result is chaos.
 (1) No ninja looting when in a group. That is not how we want to present ourselves to others outside of our guild.
The group leader will take any unclaimed gear and deposit it in guild bank for other members to use. Therefore, if it is not for your class and you don't need it, do NOT roll on it. Greed is a very ugly beast and can get you kicked out of group.
(2)While we are all adults, please try to keep vulgar language down and remember other people have feelings too.
(3)If you are having a problem with another guildie, please report the persons toon name, state the problem to Johanasen/Dragonchance/Jamerrin. It will be addressed as soon as possible.
That's it for now. Have fun and happy hunting!

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Standoffish, Sep 13, 12 12:58 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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